• Volume One

    $40.00 inc. GST
    There are plenty of copies still available of Volume 1 and our promise is to never let them become unavailable. Its the old photographs that make the pages interesting and by giving life to the written word, readers will be amazed at what our forebears achieved. For instance, unusual loads carried by the old riverboats, the big clock on Fanthorpe's Corner, the secrets of sly grogging, the arrival of the first newspaper, the beginning and end of Meredith House and Domett's Corner. Theres a lot more so click on View Sample below . . . View Sample
  • Volume Two

    $40.00 inc. GST
    Vol 2 follows the same format as Vol 1 with short easy-to-read stories with fantastic historic photos of days gone by . . . For example, some of the earliest photos of Taumarunui have come from the camera of Alfred Burton in 1885, the days when the King Country was still a wild and mystical unknown region. Apart from sawmilling, sport, railways and snippets from Manunui, Piriaka, Kakahi and Taumarunui, theres extended coverage on the wilderness area of Tokirima. Take a quick peep at a selection of sample pages by clicking View Sample . . . View Sample
  • Volume Three

    $40.00 inc. GST
    Featuring in this volume are extended pictorial coverages of Manunui, Raurimu and the timber industry that coincided with reunions and jubilees held during 1982 and 1983. The leading article is seen through the eyes of various New South Wales bank managers who described life in the raw developing towns of Matiere, Ohura and Taumarunui. The cover features a Tiger Moth being "cranked up" during the early days of topdressing at Te Whakarae along with a spectacular shot of a Wanganui Aero Work Ceres dropping its load of fertiliser at Piriaka. There's a lot more so click on View Sample below . . View Sample
  • Volume Four

    $40.00 inc. GST
    Another volume, the 4th in this series, again covers a wide range of subject matter backed up with the usual interesting historic photographs. Readers are reminded, in the compiler's introduction, of the value of old photos and the new lease of life being given using modern technology. A tribute is being paid to all photographers, from all generations, who faithfully recorded the events of their time that we are now sharing and learning from. The extended captions usually tell a different story to the main text and often point out something not seen at first glance. To gain a full appreciation of what is being offered click on View Sample below to find what is being offered from the content pages and other randomly selected pages . . . View Sample
  • Volume Five

    $40.00 inc. GST
    Events and jubilees are great for discovering new information and photos. This volume contains some of the results found in Taringamotu Valley (including Ngakonui and Waituhi), Kirikau and Owhango. A few quiet chuckles will be raised about the early exploits of the fire brigade plus the nostalgia of steam locomotives particularly Ka 945 that spent most of its life based at Taumarunui. That's why Ka 945 is featured as the cover girl! View Sample
  • Volume Six

    $40.00 inc. GST
    This was supposed to be the last volume completing the original 1980s series and not surprisingly, is equal to the standard of the previous five volumes. This remarkable set will take pride of place on your bookshelf and has proven to provide plenty of nostalgic discussion if left on your coffee table. This volume covers a wide range of subjects with excellent photographs that readers will relate to especially if part of your life has been spent in the central King Country. The Union Bank photo featured on the cover surfaced during the 75 year celebration of Bank of New Zealand in Ohura and there's the romantic beginnings of the famous Bell family descendants of Alexander and Katarina celebrated their centennial in December 1984. Other interesting coverage includes a pictorial history of Hatrick's Houseboat; the nice girls of WWSA; Youthaven and Brethren Church activities; life in Kakahis suburb of Bulltown; Ted Lattey's tough tramp in 1931; amusing antics of Ongarue Rugby Club; tales of early law enforcement including the attempted murder of Constable John Maher. View Sample
  • Volume Seven

    $40.00 inc. GST
    All new stories. The result of a writing competition held in 2016. More than 20 local contributors with stories and photos covering a wide range of subjects and areas within the district. Continuing in the tradition of the original six volume series which contained the old magazines first published in the 1980s. Buy one or the whole series of Roll Back the Years. This series will become a collectors item in years to come.
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