Waimiha – People of Characters

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Waimiha – People of Characters

First published in 2003 following on from a school reunion, Waimiha People of Character used more than 600 photos, many reminiscing letters and conversations to paint a picture of what life in Waimiha meant to those who made it their home.

Maori had harvested the teeming birdlife in the heavily bushclad hills for centuries. With the building of the Main Trunk Railway Line in the early 1900s came the opportunity for farm settlement and sawmilling, 28 sawmill sites have been identified in the valley.

Waimiha School flourished with all this activity. We are selling on behalf of Waimiha Sports Club Inc who republished the book in 2018 with the addition of a 32 page supplement to cover the intervening years since first publication


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