Ngapuke – Facing the Challenges

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Ngapuke – Facing the Challenges

A district history written on the occasion of the 75th Jubilee of Ngapuke School in 1991. The school was established to cater for the children living at Kauriki Marae and the nearby Ngapuke Sawmill.

The Pungapunga Sawmilling Company had made an agreement with Ngati Tu Wharetoa to work together to harvest trees on the Puketapu Block.

A mill was built at Manunui in 1907 but soon a series of ownership changes got underway as is revealed in the book. Details of the different operators, including Puketapu Sawmills, Patate Timber Co and Pukuweka Sawmills, and other mills in the area are explained through reminiscences, photos and information Ron Cooke found during research.

A two-page map of the network of tramways is a valuable record of native logging in the area. The book is a companion to the Taumarunui Historical Society publications Tringamoot and Logging the Punga as Ngapuke linked the two areas where so much bush felling was going on.